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Joplin City Council Contact


Doug Lawson

(417) 437-7047

Mayor Pro Tem

Keenan Cortez

(417) 529-5870

Christina Williams

(417) 392-0786

Chuck Copple

(417) 540-5644

Phil Stinnett

(417) 623-3712

(417) 438-6520

Gary Shaw

(417) 438-1919

Mark Farnham

(417) 483-0630

Josh DeTar

(417) 825-8119

Kate Spencer

How to
Address Council

Every citizen of Joplin has the right to speak to council for up to 5 minutes per subject. 


Sign up to speak here. 

If you sign up before noon the Thursday before a council meeting you will be placed near the beginning of the meeting under Citizen Requests & Petitions. 

If you sign up after Thursday noon, you will be placed under New Business.


You can also sign up in person, see the City Clerk before the meeting starts for a sign up form. 

How to conduct your speak: 
When your name is called, approach the dias and state your name. You get 5 minutes. If your time runs out, you may request extra time. Council will vote and then you can continue to speak if the extra time is approved. 

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