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“It’s time for someone to stand up and ask the hard questions and make the tough decisions that are right for Joplin’s future,” stated Farnham. “I am ready to be your voice on the city council.” Farnham is running in a contested race for the Zone 4 seat on the city council and will appear on the April 5th ballot. 



I think everyone is on the same page as far as fiscal responsibility. Everyone who pays taxes wants their money to be used to its fullest potential and doesn’t want funds wasted.

Most people would like to see Joplin flourish and thrive and prosper and move forward and be economically sound and that starts first with electing a city council that represents the people.
Whenever you have a budget this big, there are going to be things that get overlooked. That’s just the way life is. And that doesn’t mean that somebody messed up, it just means that we need to have a city council that represents Joplin so that we can team up together and look into this in more detail. Councilmembers need to be able to walk into any office and see all records, every check that’s been written, and that needs to be a team effort.


When it comes to people’s safety, you just can’t cut corners. We’re working on improving on our pay for the police but we still need to hire more and we have to retain them once they’re hired. We’re still way down on our numbers from where we need to be.

I do not want to increase taxes so my goal is to find funding that already exists and look for ways to manage the city budget so that we can hire more police officers without raising taxes. Other cities of this size have twice as many police. I plan to find out, where is the money going that would have been used for that?


I am a founding member of Vita Nova Village and our goal is to try and help the homeless who are motivated to get to that next step. To where they don’t have this impossible obstacle of coming up for $700 for rent but that they can actually get an entry level job and pay for housing that costs more like $300 a month. That’s the goal. That will make it financially easier for the homeless person to get out of homelessness.

We need to have a well-educated citizenry so that we’re not giving any cash directly to homeless people because a lot of that cash goes towards keeping them homeless. This is something that I have contributed to until I learned that I was not helping the homeless the way that I thought. We should encourage people to instead donate funds to charities that provide food and shelter.


But at the same time, we don’t really necessarily want to attract homeless people to Joplin because we’re already overburdened. We’ve reached our quota. We’re not necessarily trying to bring homeless people to Joplin, we’re trying to help the homeless people that are here. 

Ideally the word would get out to homeless people in other cities that if they come to Joplin, that’s a step towards becoming an ex-homeless person.

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